What is a Ghost address?

A Ghost Address is a lightning address for receiving money directly to your own lightning node (self-custody) without running a separate Lightning Address server.

Ghost Addresses use special Phantom Payments that don't require any additional node permissions or macaroons to receive bitcoin to a static lightning address endpoint.

How do I get a Ghost Address?

Update to the latest version of Thunderhub to claim a Ghost Address. You can claim a randomly generated username for free or a custom one ([email protected]) if you have a subscription to Amboss.

How do I find out more?

Read our full announcement here which includes technical documentation as well as areas for future development.

Is it really self custodial?

Yes. Payments go straight to your node.

What is the invoice destination from my Ghost Address?

The destination included in a Ghost Address invoice is a Phantom Node. This node does not exist. Instead, your node will intercept payments to the Phantom Node destination using secrets provided by the Amboss API.

Each invoice generated by the Ghost Address will include your node in the route hints allowing you to intercept the payment.

Are Ghost Payments private?

Ghost Addresses are intended to replace using custodial Lightning Addresses, which are not private and reveal payment sizes, payment proof, and subsequent transactions.

Payments made to a Ghost Address use invoices that Amboss generates, which reveal the amount of a theoretical payment. Amboss would be unable to provide proof of any completed payment using a Ghost Address.

To improve privacy further and not expose theoretical payment amounts, a self-hosted Lightning Address server would be required.

Does this work with CLN/LDK/Eclair/Electrum?

Ghost Addresses are possible using any lightning implementation and an integration with the Amboss API. Currently, the only client built to accept Ghost Address payments is Thunderhub, which uses LND only.

We welcome additional development on this front to bring Ghost Addresses to more people!

Is this a paid service?

Amboss offers Ghost Addresses free of charge with an Amboss account. The default Ghost Address is a randomly-generated user name, but can be customized with a Spark tier Amboss subscription.

Why should I use a Ghost Address?

Ghost Addresses enable users to easily receive lightning payments into self custody using a Lightning Address, eliminating reliance on centralized custody providers in the network.